Well Installation
Kunua Drilling Inc. showed up this afternoon
to start drilling for our well. By 7:00 pm they
have drilled 420 feet. They should finish up
tomorrow and start installing the casing. We
will be drilling into the Arapahoe Aquifer
which is ~880' down. 04/06
Well 1
Well 4
Well 7
Well 2
Well 5
Well Video
Well 3
Well 6
Kunua Drilling Inc. showed up today to
complete drilling the well. The winds were so
bad on Friday that they didn't work. They will
be back tomorrow to install the steel casing.
Video 1 -  Drilling Process.
Video 2 & 3 - Raising the shaft to install a
new 20' section to continue drilling. 04/10
Well Video 2
Well Video 3
Well Video 4
The American Flag that the drillers had on
their rig was looking pretty rough. They've
been really great about explaining the
process of drilling and giving us samples of
the different soils that they were drilling
through so we bought them a new Flag. We
have the old Flag and will frame it and
display it in the shop. 04/11
New Flag on
Drilling Rig
Finished Drilling
& New Flag
They finished installing the steel casing
today. They drilled through the aluminum
plug that they welded in approximately 600'
down. According to the driller the well is
producing 13-18 gpm. 04/12
Capped Well Casing
Kunua Drilling was out to install the Pump,
electrical and water line to the builing and
the well pit. Once we have power in the
building we will get the well completed.
Well Pit
Kunua Drilling was out to install pressure
tank and the well pit wiring. Once we have
power in the building we will get the well up
and running.
Well Pressure Tank
Well Pit Wiring