Upstairs Finish
We got the floor cleaned up and rented a floor
scrubber to make sure that we got all of the drywall
mud up. We mopped it several times then waited
for a nice day to apply the sealer to the floor. We
applied two coats of Glaze n' Seal's Wet Look
lacquer followed by three coats of wax. At this point
the walls are all painted and the tub/shower is
ready for tile.
Pic 1 - Living Room Paint and Floor.
Pic 2 & 3 - Bathroom Paint and Floor.
Pic 4 - Kitchen Paint and Floor.
Pic 5 - Bathroom Durrock.
Paint & Floor 1
Paint & Floor 2
Paint & Floor 3
Paint & Floor 4
Paint & Floor 5
Paint & Floor 6
Our friend Alan came over and helped us with
installing the tile in the tub/shower upstairs. It looks
Tile 7
Tile 8
John came over and helped us install the cabinets
in the kitchen and bathroom. Now we need to get
the under cabinet lights and the counter tops
Pic 9 - Making the cutouts on the kitchen sink
Pic 10 & 11 - Most of the kitchen is complete.
Pic 12 - The kitchen is 90% complete. We just
have a few fillers to install.
Pic 13 & 14 - The bathroom cabinets.
Pic 15 - The bathroom is 90% complete. We just
have a few fillers to install.
Cabinets 9
Cabinets 13
Cabinets 14
Cabinets 10
Cabinets 11
Cabinets 12
Cabiniets 15
The living room is taking shape. We have the left
and right speakers recessed into the wall. The
center speaker will be recessed into the wall in the
niche above the TV. I will be making a face frame
out of maple to frame the TV so that just the
screen is visible.
Living Room 16
We have the Maple top for the bar counter. We still
have to put the finish on it and replace the
brackets that we installed with some heavier
Countertop 17
We purchased Elfa shelving from the container
store and got it installed in the storage area,
laundry area and the master bedroom closet.
Pic 18 - Laundry Area
Pic 19 & 20 - Master Bedroom Closet
Pic 21 - Storage Area
Shelving 18
Shelving 19
Shelving 20
Shelving 21
We finally got the counter tops installed in the
kitchen and the bathroom. We need to finish
installing the kitchen sink.
Pic 22 & 23 - Kitchen Counters
Pic 24 - Bathroom Counters
Counters 22
Counters 23
Counters 24