Miscellaneous Pictures 3
I noticed a fire this afternoon not to far from the
property so we decided to get on the ATV's and
check it out. We ran into one of the volunteers that
showed up when my Dad through his hip out about
1.5 miles from the property over on Peyton
Highway. The fire started about a mile South of
there and burned North East and covered ~80-100
acres. 04/13
Fire East of
Peyton Highway
Moon after Fire
My parents showed up on April 6th and are leaving
today to go home. They will be coming back
around Mid-May to help us with the interior walls in
the living space. They have been a tremendous
help, especially the last three days. We
accomplished a lot while they were here and it was
great having them here when there wasn't much to
do as we were able to sit around and talk. My Mom
made dinner a lot of nights while we cleaned up
and it is appreciated very much.  04/22
Ready to Leave
Here is Ron (right) and Dave (left) from Polysteel
and myself. As you can see we are working pretty
hard. Dave has been helping us with the
installation of the ICF's and will also help with the
Lite-Deck install. Dave shows up for a half day
here and there to keep us on the right track.
Polysteel Reps
Newborn 1
Newborn 4
Our neighbors horse gave birth this past weekend.
We went over this evening to see him.
Newborn 2
Newborn 5
Newborn 3
Deck Posts
We set some of the deck posts today and set the
boards up for the hot tub pad.
Hot Tub Pad
Asphalt 1
We received more asphalt today for the North side
of the building.
Asphalt 2
We received more asphalt today for the South side
of the building. Earl Green Construction has been
hauling in the asphalt for us and Earl also did our
Asphalt 3
Earl Green Const.
Earl Green brought in another 64 tons of material
today for the east end of the building.
Asphalt 4
The Hot Tub arrived today. Now all we need is to
get the power to it so we can get it up and running.
Hot Tub
We set the generator on its pad today. The
plumbers are running the propane to it and we will
have to get it wired into the main panel.
We had a guy out this week to cut and bale the
grass on our property. They managed to get 337
bales out of the 35acres. They take 2/3 for
payment and leave us with 1/3 which we gave to
our neighbors for their horses and donkeys.
Bale 1
Bale 2
Bale 3
Bale 4
Bale 5
Bale 6
We had a blizzard come through our area that only
lasted for a day. It was pretty cool, the wind blew
like crazy and surprisingly we didn't end up with
much snow thanks to the wind. We also didn't end
up with as much of a drift on the North side of the
building as I thought we would get.
Pic 1 - Our trucks.
Pic 2 - Our garage door guys need to adjust our
doors quite a bit.
Pic 3 - This is on the North East corner of the
building. The wind was blowing somewhere around
60 mph.
Pic 4 - This is the drift on the North side of the
building. The peak is approx. 4' high and is approx
8' from the dirt ridge.
Pic 5 thru 8 - Misc pics.
10/26 and 10/27
Blizzard 1
Blizzard 2
Blizzard 3
Blizzard 4
Blizzard 5
Blizzard 6
Blizzard 7
Blizzard 8