Miscellaneous Pictures 2
Whitecap Delivery 1
We received our Whitecap delivery which included
our rebar, Simpson hangers and other material.
Whitecap Delivery 2
We received our Radiant Direct delivery which
included our boiler and all of our radiant in-floor
heating equipment.  04/06
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Snow 1
Snow 2
We woke up to snow and 40-60 mph winds this
morning. We ended up with ~1/2" of snow but the
winds continued throughout the day. The force of
the wind was pretty awesome. 04/07
Snow 3
My Dad's right hip popped out of the socket when
he went to lift up some ICF forms onto our small
ATV trailer. We had to call 911 and they took him
to the ER to get it put back in place. A lot of pain
and a lot of pain meds later my Dad was back on
the job.  04/08
My Dad's trip to the ER 1
My Dad's trip to the ER 2
My Dad's Trip to the ER 3
This is where we are living for the next few months
until we are completed building. We still have the
rental house in town and hope to be out of there
by the end of June. My parents will be here for a
couple of weeks helping us. 04/09
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