Miscellaneous Pictures 1
Polysteel 1
Polysteel 5
We received the Polysteel ICF forms today and
loaded them into the storage containers. Six of the
pallets wouldn't fit so we stacked them next to one
of the containers. The pallets were 4' x 4' x 8' tall
and were quite heavy. Luckily we purchased some
2 x 10's 16' long and used those as runners to
unload the forms. It was just Lins, our friend Zach
and I unloading all of the forms but it we were able
to get it down in an hour. It took another hour to
load them into the storage containers. 04/04
Polysteel 2
Polysteel 6
Polysteel 3
Polysteel 7
Polysteel 4
Polysteel 8
Our Trailer
This is our trailer that we will be living in most of
the time over the next two months. We are still
renting the house in town but it will be nice being
right here. 04/04
Our First Sunset - April 4th
This is our first sunset since moving our trailer out
to the property. 04/04
Mountain View Electric Assoc. finally showed up to
move the transformer and meter and remove the
last pole. Since we moved the building we needed
to move the power and the paperwork didn't get to
the field crews in time. 04/04
Trevor from Hawk Electric came out today to do
the temp. power installation. We will get the
inspection done tomorrow and the meter should be
set Monday so we will have power. 04/06
Temp Power