Footings, Stemwall,
and Backfill
We got a call this morning from Chuck Kanzler at
Kanzler Foundations around 7:00 am wanting to
know if they could start the footings this morning. A
few days earlier than expected which is great.
They did an awesome job getting the forms in and
we should be pouring Wednesday morning. The
footings inspection should be done sometime
tomorrow. 04/03
Setting Up
Footings 4
Footings 1
Footings 5
Footings 2
Footings 6
Footings 3
Footings 7
Carport Pads 1
North Wall 2
Carport Pads 2
West Wall
The inspector had to come back out on 04/05
and we got the go ahead to continue. Kanzler
Foundations was out this morning at 8:00 am to
brace the forms before the pour. They started
the pour around 1000 am.  It took four trucks
and 40 yards of concrete. 04/06
South Wall 1
Litedeck Pad 1
South Wall 2
Litedeck Pad 2
East Wall 1
Other Pads
North Wall 1
Truck Cleanout
We started stacking the walls once the footing
forms were stripped this morning. We have most
of the first two courses of ICF's installed for the
stem wall. We will finish up tomorrow, have the
inspection Monday and pour on Tuesday.
Pic 1 - Well, these are the first ICF's to go down.
Pic 2 & 3 - Bringing over more ICF's
Pic 4 - Dave cutting out part of the form for the
concrete column.
Pic 5 & 6 - The first course is almost complete.
Pic 7 & 8- Second course going up, just a few
more doors to cut in.  04/08
April 8th
Footings Stripped 1
Stem Wall 1
Stem Wall 5
Stem Wall 2
Stem Wall 6
Stem Wall 3
Stem Wall 7
Stem Wall 4
Stem Wall 8
Stem Wall 9
We completed stacking the stem wall today and
installing the rebar. We may have some rebar to
install under the doors in the morning ince we
talk to the Polysteel rep. before the inspector
shows up.
Pic 9 & 10 - Completing the North wall after
cutting for the doors.
Pic 11 & 12 - This is the completed stem wall
with all of the door openings cut in. The band
saw really helped cutting the ICF's.  04/09
Stem Wall 10
April 9th
Stem Wall 11
Stem Wall 12
West Wall
Sleeves 1
North Wall
West Wall
Sleeves 2
South Wall
We installed the sleeves for heating, electrical,
sewer and floor drains today and attached the
Sono-Tubes to the pads. 04/10
Mid Wall
Sleeves 1
Carport Pier
Mid Wall
Sleeves 2
Interior Stair
Pier Tubes
Were finally pouring the stemwall. The first truck
went great, 1.5 hours to unload. The second
truck showed up with an idiot for a driver. It took
us over 4 hours to get his truck unloaded. He
couldn't get the slump correct the first time and
that set off a chain reaction. He must not have
brought enough water because he ran out and
had to get some from the well drillers.
Pic 1 & 2 - Installing V-Buck pieces to keep the
concrete from flowing out of the door openings.  
V-Bucks 1
Truck #2
V-Bucks 2
Truck #1
Truck #2 - 2
1st Concrete Into Walls
Backfill 1
Backfill 5
Earl Green was out yesterday and today to do
the backfill of the stemwall. Earl completed the
backfill and cutting the hillside to the north of the
building. He had a lot of filling to do for the
carport area.  Luckily we didn't have tp haul in
any dirt. 04/17 & 04/18
Backfill 2
Backfill 6
Backfill 3
Backfill 7
Backfill 4
Backfill 8
April 13th
April 13th
April 18th