Latest Pictures
The bathrooms off the shop are almost
complete. I have the base molding, door
molding and a little tile work left to complete.
Women's Bathroom 1
Women's Bathroom 2
Women's Bathroom 3
The shop has several work areas. There is
an area dedicated to automotive work,
welding/metal work and open areas for
storage, parking and other work. 10/13
I'm still working on the wood shop. I need to
get some new benches and cabinets made
and install a dust collection system. There is
a wood finishing room off of the wood shop.
The mechanical room has the electrical
panels, the radiant in floor heating system
and the hot & cold water distribution. 10/13
I would eventually like to enclose the carport
and duplicate it on the North side of the
building. I still have the landscaping to
complete over time. 10/13
Men's Bathroom 1
Men's Bathroom 2
Shop Area 1
Shop Area 2
Shop Area 3
Shop Area 4
Shop Area 5
Shop Area 6
Shop Area 7
Wood Shop 1
Wood Shop 2
Wood Shop 3
Wood Shop 4
Mechanical Room 1
Mechanical Room 2
Mechanical Room 3
Exterior 1
Exterior 2
Exterior 3
Exterior 4
Exterior 5
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2
Dining Room
Living Room
Master Bath 1
Master Bath 2
Guest Bedroom
Mstr Bedroom 1
Mstr Bedroom 2
Master Closet
The upstairs living space is nearly complete.
I need to complete the base molding and
paint all of the doors. I also have some
crown molding to add to the kitchen and
bathroom cabinets. Eventually I will rework
the TV area when I replace my current TV
with a flat panel. 10/13