Driveway, Stakeout,
and Excavation
Driveway 1
Driveway Cut-In 1
Our driveway starts at Jones Road (North
end of Property) and goes South on our
property approximately 900'. The driveway is
24' wide and approximately 3" thick. The
material we chose to use is recycled asphalt.
This stuff packs in really well and will make a
great surface over time. 2/27 - 3/11
Driveway 2
Driveway Cut-In 2
Driveway 3
Driveway Cut-In 3
Driveway 4
Driveway Material
We had the surveyor stakeout the building
location in what we thought would be a nice
level area. The problem with this location is
it put us in a low spot that would potentially
collect rainfall. We decided to move the
building 160' to the North.
Building Stakeout 1
Building Stakeout 2
Excavation 1
Excavation 5
Well, we finally broke ground. Earl Green
Construction is doing the excavation for us
and has done a wonderful job. We had our
Open Hole Inspection on 4/1/06 so our next
step is to get the footings poured so that we
can then start setting the walls. 3/30 - 3/31
Excavation 2
Excavation 6
Excavation 3
Excavation 7
Excavation 4
Excavation 8
Excavation 9
Pikes Peak
This is our view of Pikes Peak to the West.
Wireless High Speed
This is our Wireless High Speed antenna.