Doors and Windows
The first of the garage doors went up today. It has
been quite a hassle getting the installers out here
to get them installed. It's delayed our power
installation and wall building.  07/10
Garage Doors 1
Garage Doors 2
The garage doors are all up, they just need to
install the opener for the 14 x 14 door.  Pics to
We finally got the entry/exit doors, the sliding glass
doors and the windows installed. We now have a
weather tight building.
Pic 1 - Master bedroom
Pic 2 - Living Room
D & W 1
D & W 2
John came over and helped us install the
bathroom doors downstairs, the doors to my wood
shop and most of the doors upstairs.
Pic 1 - Master Bedroom
Pic 2 - Guest Bedroom
Pic 3 - Storage Area
Interior Doors 1
Interior Doors 2
Interior Doors 3