Building Slab
Our excavator showed up today to re-level the dirt
inside the building prior to us installing the slab
insulation, wire mesh and the radiant in-floor heat
Pic 1 - Bringing dirt inside for leveling.
Pic 2 - Earl leveling the inside of the garage.
Leveling 1
Leveling 2
Radiant 3
We have installed the slab insulation and the 6x6
wire mesh. We had the plumbers come out and
assist us with laying out the radiant in-floor heat
Pic 3-7 - Slab Insulation, Wire Mesh and Radiant
In-Floor Heat Tubing.
Pic 5 - Also shows the platform for the interior
06/09 - 6/16
Radiant 4
Radiant 5
Radiant 6
Radiant 7
We were up bright and early this morning, 4:30 to
be exact, getting ready for the slab to be poured.
The pumper that was supposed to show up didn't
get the change from 7am to 5am so they sent
another driver out and he arrived at 5:25 and was
setup and ready by 6:10. By then we had four
concrete trucks sitting in the driveway and two
more showed up just after the pumper got going.
We delayed the trucks for an hour or so while they
caught up. Rocky Mountain Premix, Acosta
Concrete and Smelker Pumping did a great job
getting all of the concrete where it needed to go.
By the end of the day 113 yards of concrete had
been poured and finished.
Pic 8-10 - The Pumper getting setup.
Pic 11-22 - Pouring, rough finish, final finish of slab.
Pic 23 - They finished a portion of the hot tub pad.
It'll get completed when we do the final pour/
Pumper 8
Slab 16
Pumper 9
Slab 17
Pumper 10
Slab 18
Slab 11
Slab 19
Slab 12
Slab 20
Slab 13
Slab 21
Slab 14
Slab 22
Slab 15
Hot Tub 23
Slab 24
Acosta Concrete was out this morning to cut the
slab to control the cracking.
Pic 24-26 - Concrete guys cutting slab.
Slab 25
Slab 26
Slab 27
Slab 31
Acosta Concrete was out this morning to cut the
slab to control the cracking.
Pic 27 - 29 - Slab on the North of the building.
Pic 30 - Slab on the East of the building.
Pic 31 - Slab on the South of the building.
Pic 32 - Slab for Hot Tub.
Pic 33 - Slabs for the Backup Generator and the
outside shower.
Pic 34 - Slab for Propane Tank.
Pic 35 - Outside RV Dump.
Slab 28
Slab 32
Slab 29
Slab 33
Slab 30
Slab 34
Slab 35